Total rewards visa for Japanese tourist visas is 2.9 billion yen (US$2.8 billion)

The total rewards visa has been announced by Japan Travel and Tourism Promotion Agency, the agency that oversees Japanese tourism.The visas will be issued through the Japan Travel Visa Bureau (JTB).The JTB is responsible for issuing visa types for foreign nationals and non-Japanese citizens.The visa will allow a Japanese citizen to visit Japan for a short stay for a total […]

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UK visa online: UK visa stock quote

The value of the UK’s visa business rose to a new record in August as investors and foreign officials alike flocked to the country for the first time since the Brexit vote, according to the British Chamber of Commerce.The index of UK-listed companies rose to 3,837.7, from 3,773.7 in July, according the latest figures from the UK Department for International […]

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