How to buy a visa at a grocery store

Schengen Visa, visa checkout and visa checkout at grocery stores have been the subject of a lot of controversy.A lot of it has been about the visa requirements, and one man’s quest to buy one at the US Embassy in London.However, there are some good reasons to go ahead and buy a Schengent Visa at a US Embassy store and […]

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Schengen Visa Scandal: How Trump Is Using a Scam to Cover Up His Violations

Scandal, chaos, and confusion have enveloped President Trump’s executive order to open the Schengens Visa Program. The president’s order was widely criticized for its blatant lack of vetting of applicants for visas.It was not until this past Friday that Trump made his final push to implement the plan.While there is no official estimate on how many people will apply for visas, […]

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