Visa and Rapid Visa cards for Australians

The first phase of a Visa and Visa Plus card has arrived in Australia.The card can be used for a range of Australian travel, including holidaying, business and leisure travel, as well as for the import of certain goods.It can be activated for up to three months.Visa and card holders will be able to use their card to enter Australia […]

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How to get a rapid visa to India

India is offering a visa to anyone seeking to travel to the country to join its fast-growing population.But with the visa requirement increasing in importance, India’s new immigration law means those seeking to immigrate need to apply through the Immigration Department and pass a rigorous vetting process.Indian media reports say up to 70 per cent of applicants for a visa […]

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Japanese visit to Citibank Visa costco to pay $4.9 million to Citigroup

Visa costcos and credit card companies are being asked to pay more than $4 million to Visa and the other three big credit card issuers in a case involving alleged fraud involving credit cards used by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.The money was allegedly stolen by Japanese authorities and used to pay for bribes and bribes paid to the […]

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