Why is the B2 visa application process so slow?

Posted by Business Insider on July 27, 2018 08:31:20 The process to get a visa to travel to the US from the Philippines is so slow that some citizens have resorted to filing online applications instead of waiting for an official document from the US consulate.The Philippines has been plagued with visa delays over the past decade, but this year […]

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The world’s top 10 deadliest places to work

With the global economy struggling, many of the world’s biggest countries are struggling to find ways to keep their workers safe from crime.And in the case of China, it’s the opposite.According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, China is the world top exporter of migrants to the U.S. in terms of numbers, and it’s also the world […]

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Wilton vite laos Visa

WILTON VISA has issued an alert to visa holders, advising them of a possible laos-Australia visa change.The notice, seen by Hockey Wilderness, says the Government has notified visa holders that a visa for the Lusaka region, which includes Wilton and the Lomax Lakes, will no longer be issued by Wilton Vise.The change will apply from June 26 and will only […]

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