AUSTRALIA’S largest retailer has stopped selling tickets to overseas visitors in order to stop them from overstaying their visas.

Costco, which owns the iconic Woolworths and Kmart stores in Sydney, is the latest in a number of retailers that have stopped selling overseas visitors and Australians in recent months to avoid the negative publicity from visa overstays.

Mr Abbott’s new Labor government introduced a two-year crackdown on visa overstay on Tuesday, a move designed to stamp out the problem.

Mr Turnbull said Australians could travel to any country in the world for a cheap fee, but overstayers should only be allowed to visit if they are “a good candidate for Australian citizenship”.

He told reporters at the start of the summit, “You can travel anywhere in the global market.”

Mr Turnbull was asked whether his new rules would be enforced, and if so, if so how.

I don’t think Australians should be punished for going out and getting a job or a degree.””

I’m confident we’ll be able to get a fair deal.”

I don’t think Australians should be punished for going out and getting a job or a degree.

“Mr Abbott was speaking to business leaders and senior Labor MPs as part of his two-day visit to the US, which was designed to highlight Australia’s trade opportunities with the United Kingdom.

Mr Rudd said the Australian Government was “proud” of the achievements the Prime Minister had made.”

We’ve been able to create a trade deal that has increased trade between Australia and the United United Kingdom by up to 70 per cent,” he said.”

And I would say that that’s just the start, that there are lots more opportunities to grow.

“Mr Rudd also announced a raft of measures to help tackle the problem, including the introduction of a temporary tax on foreign investment in Australian business, the introduction by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission of a new levy on foreign exchange transactions and an additional $4 billion for infrastructure and transport projects.

Mr Morrison said the Government was prepared to take on the problem of overstayed visas “at any time, with any amount of money”.

He said he would also work with industry to find solutions to the problem so that Australians could stay in the country for longer periods.”

In the end, we are all Australians and we all have an obligation to make sure we’re protecting our national interest,” he told reporters.

Mr Cameron has also promised to work with business leaders to make Australia more attractive to foreign investment, saying he has “fought” for the right to be an attractive destination for Australian business.”

If you are investing in the future of our country, if you’re investing in our nation’s economy, if we are looking at a number for the future, we have a choice,” he added.

Mr Osborne said he was “very proud” of Australia’s record on trade and investment.”

The country has made great progress and we have made some very positive changes in trade and trade and international relations,” he explained.”

It’s a bit like a football game where you win by getting the goal and getting the point, or a tennis match where you can win by taking the ball and going for the ball.

“Mr Cameron said he had always wanted to make a positive impact in the economy and he would continue to try and do so.”

Our trade and investments are in good hands, we’ve got a lot of people in the Government who are really passionate about it,” he stated.


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