By John L. Martin and Roberta RamptonMarch 21, 2018 12:02:24With the opening of its new Mission Lane store in Vancouver, the online retailer has brought in a significant number of new customers to its U.S. site, which is set to open its second store in Canada in May.

But a quick search on Amazon shows that a number of popular online products are not listed for sale in Canada, including a large number of products sold in the United Kingdom and United States, according to a search on the company’s website.

“I’m a big fan of Mission Lane,” said Robyn Whelan, an customer in Vancouver.

“They’ve got a nice selection of products and I’d definitely recommend them to friends.”

Amazon has not responded to a request for comment. is the largest retailer in Canada and is the second-largest in the world after Wal-Mart.

The online retailer said its expansion into Canada is part of a broader strategy to increase its international presence.

It announced a partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian International Development Agency to support the growth of Canadian retailers, including Amazon.

The expansion into the U.K. is also part of the company\’s broader strategy of expanding its footprint and expanding its reach into the global marketplace, the company said in a statement.

“Our mission is to create a community of like-minded, enthusiastic, committed, and creative entrepreneurs, and we believe that the Canada-U.S.-India relationship has tremendous potential to drive long-term growth for both companies,” CEO Jeff Bezos said in the statement.

“We\’re thrilled to partner with the Chamber of Commercialization and ICAIDA to expand our reach and grow the value of our relationships across the globe.”

The U.KS. has long had a strong reputation for offering high-quality, well-trained employees and a diverse workforce, but that reputation has also been tarnished by a string of high-profile workplace scandals in recent years, including one in 2014 in which a senior executive at the company was fired after he was caught sexually harassing female staff members.

Amazon is also facing a number similar workplace issues.

In the United States alone, more than 1,200 employees at more than 10,000 companies have been fired or resigned over the past three years, according a study by the US.

Labor Department.

Amazon Canada is currently located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and is known for its high-end stores and a high-priced product lineup, such as its new line of Amazon Prime Air mattresses.

Whelan said she is glad to see the company opening a store in the city, adding that she hopes it becomes a destination for other shoppers.

She said she was particularly impressed by how easy it was to get into the store.

“The customer service staff were fantastic, the store was very clean, the staff was super friendly,” she said.

“It’s just a really good place to be and I\’m definitely looking forward to visiting.”

The second store is scheduled to open in May at the site of a former McDonald’s restaurant.

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