The Browns have lost several key players in the past week.

The team announced Thursday that linebacker Brandon Marshall, who is on the commissioner’s exempt list, is retiring and that cornerback Josh Gordy will miss the entire season.

But a source tells The Plain Dealer that Snyder and the team are still in the process of making the decision on who to keep.

Snyder has already met with the group of players, and one of the options has been quarterback Brandon Weeden.

The source said that Snyder will not have a decision until after the season.

That will mean Weeden and the rest of the players are unlikely to make the 53-man roster.

But the Browns are hopeful that they can work something out.

If we’re lucky enough to have the right situation, we could potentially move forward with the player we have and bring back Weeden,” a source said.

If the Browns do not have an offer from Weeden, they will have to make a decision on which players to keep and release.

Weeden will make $9 million in guaranteed money, and he can earn up to $10 million in incentives.

If Weeden is released, the Browns will owe him $8.5 million.

They could then sign him to a one-year contract.

If they keep Weeden but decide to move on from the quarterback, they would have to release him.

We should know by the time the season ends, though.

Snyder and company have had a lot of uncertainty in the front office and front office staff in the first week of training camp, but there are a number of players who have been on the team for a while.

If any of them are released, there would be a lot more pressure on the coaching staff and the front-office staff to find the right guy.

We have some depth at the position, but we need a franchise quarterback to help us win now, not just in the future.

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