AUSTRALIA’S visa rules are set to go into effect on February 5, 2018, and visa holders are expected to be able to travel to other countries.

However, a new set of rules for visa holders will be introduced in 2018, following a series of visa crackdowns that have seen many visa holders leave the country.

While the changes were first announced in October, the Government is currently consulting on the changes, and the Government has confirmed that some visa holders may still be affected by the changes.

Read more about visa rules:Read moreThe changes, which will affect all visa holders, will see the requirement for a work visa for a minimum of three years being dropped to four years.

Previously, work visa holders were able to stay in Australia for a maximum of three and a half years and a maximum stay of six months.

Currently, visa holders must spend two years in Australia before they can apply for a visa, and for the duration of the stay, they will need to obtain a Work Permit.

Those who have worked in Australia are not affected by this change, however, and will continue to have their visa status unchanged.

The new requirements will also include an overhaul of the way that people can apply to apply for visas, with the government looking to simplify the process by increasing the amount of information that is required.

The changes are expected for a roll-out to all Australians from February 5th, but some of the changes will be applied only to those who are already in Australia.

In the meantime, there are still some changes to be made to the rules for travel to countries other than Australia.

The country will not be able take a visa holder on a trip to another country without a working visa, so the visa holder will need a work permit in addition to the standard work visa.

There will also be restrictions placed on visas being issued to individuals who have been in Australia since January.

These restrictions will apply to any individual who is:

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