Disney’s theme park resort in California, California, the company’s second theme park after Epcot, has announced plans to open a new attraction called Disney Vacation Club, which will include a ride called “Disney Vacationer.”

Disney’s theme parks will debut at Disney Springs Resort and then expand to other theme parks, including Disneyworld and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Walt Disney Company said in a statement Tuesday.

Disney Vacateers, which are short for Disney Vacations, will offer a two-hour ride on the Disneyland Resort in Orlando.

“Disney Vacations is an exciting addition to the Disney parks and we are thrilled to bring our guests the chance to discover the park and experience a new experience, as well as a new way to connect with Disney family,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said in the statement.

Iger, who is also CEO of Walt Disney Animation Studios, added that the ride will be available to guests in the parks.

The ride will not be offered at Disneyworld or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

In addition to Disneyland, Disney Vacateer will offer an entertainment experience with live performances and music, the release said.

Disney Vacayers is set to open to the public in 2019.

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