If you are a US citizen, you will need to provide proof of your visa or green card status in order to be able to enter the country.

While you will not need to bring this to the border crossing point, you may need to show it to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer if you arrive at a checkpoint in the US.

If you do not provide the required documentation, you can be denied entry and will need more time to process the matter. 

This is not a new issue.

In March, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that removed the “green card lottery” rule, which gave green card holders a one-time chance to apply for visas, which they would have to wait three years to get a visa. 

CBP’s immigration officers are tasked with enforcing immigration laws in the country, but the rules are being updated in a way that is more “politically correct” according to some analysts.

This new policy means that if you do enter the US illegally, you are at a much higher risk of being turned away, or deported, without ever receiving a visa, according to the New York Times. 

In January, the US Congress passed a bill that made it easier for people to obtain a US visa, by allowing them to fill out an application and pay a fee that would be used to process it.

But this bill did not remove the “stupid lottery” requirement, and many analysts believe that it could make it harder for people who do not meet the criteria to get an US visa.

The bill, introduced in the Senate by Senator Chris Murphy, has been amended to make it easier to get US visas. 

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security told the New Yorker that the department is reviewing the legislation. 

“We will continue to make efforts to protect the safety and security of our citizens in the United States of America,” the spokesperson told the magazine.

“As such, we will continue working with Congress and the Administration to strengthen the immigration system to better ensure that those who want to enter our country are protected.” 

The White House has said that it has no plans to implement the change and that it does not intend to deport anyone who is not eligible to be in the nation legally. 

The DHS spokesperson told the New York Times that “we continue to work with Congress to update the immigration program so that it is easier for Americans to obtain visas.” 

Citizens who do get a US passport or green cards will be able travel to the US with a valid visa, without any immigration issues. 

If you have been asked to depart the country without a visa by US immigration officers, it is possible to contact your local CBP station to file a report.

The CBP can also issue you a ticket to your next destination.

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