New Zealand’s Foreign Minister has said he is open to an offer from the United Kingdom to allow dual nationals from Australia and the United States to apply to stay in New Zealand.

David Dutton made the comments on Sunday, when he met with British Prime Minister Theresa May in London.

In the meeting, May told Dutton that New Zealand had been a “bargaining chip” in a number of bilateral deals with the United Republics and that she was keen to have more discussions with other countries.

May also said that a new visa for dual nationals would be part of a new trade agreement.

Dutton, who is in charge of New Zealand relations with Britain, said he was open to the idea.

“I will be very keen to get that agreement in place,” he said.

New Zealand was also considering an agreement with the European Union that would allow dual citizens to live and work in Britain without a visa, he said, adding that a deal between New Zealand and the EU was “in the works.”

Dutons office said it had no immediate comment on the talks.

British Prime Minister’s office has said it is in talks with New Zealand on a new agreement to help the country secure a new permanent resident visa for British citizens.

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