The Australian Government is preparing to introduce a new online visa card system for overseas investors, after the Government’s online visa application process was disrupted by the Government shutdown.

Key points:The card will allow overseas investors to apply for a visa online at a specified websiteThe Government will update the online visa system once a new system is ready for useKey points:”This card will enable overseas investors who wish to apply online for a Australian visa to do so through a specified Australian website, allowing them to complete the visa application and receive the visa when it is ready”The Government said it would “ensure that all investors in Australia are able to access this new system”The announcement came as the Government said the visa card would be available to all Australians on Tuesday, following a two-week period of shutdown.

The card is expected to be introduced later this month, the Government confirmed.

The online visa cards, which have been used for some months, were originally developed in partnership between Visa Australia and the Australian Government.

“The online system will be developed and implemented as part of a new visa application processing platform, the EB-3 visa card,” Visa Australia said in a statement.

“This card enables overseas investors interested in entering Australia to apply to apply through a website that provides the ability to enter Australia and provide their own personal information.”

The Government announced in December that it would start implementing an electronic visa card in early 2018, with the aim of creating a “robust and efficient” system.

It is understood that some of the information required to be included on the EB3 visa will be included in the new card.

“We have taken the opportunity to develop a new Visa application process which will be available for the EB1 visa,” the Government explained.

“Once this is in place, Australians can access this system and submit their visa application online at the EB2 Visa application site.”

The EB-1 visa is for people from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, and is issued for those aged between 18 and 29.

“Visa Australia is pleased to announce the introduction of the EB4 visa card.

This card will facilitate the processing of visa applications in Australia and enables people who want to enter and work in Australia to do that without having to travel to a third country, by providing a means to enter Australian and permanent resident visa-free, and to obtain the visa as soon as it is available,” Visa said.”EB-4 visa cards will be introduced to select visa categories including visa-exempt visas and temporary visas, as well as to the EB5 visa category.”


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