Israel is rolling out a new system for foreigners visiting Israel that could potentially open up its borders to the outside world, in the wake of an outbreak of deadly coronavirus in the country.

The military said the new virtual visa cards, called “Walking On a Sand Dune,” are being issued to tourists from all over the world.

The cards, which are issued in Hebrew and English, will be distributed in a few areas of the country over the next month.

The cards, created by a company called Kestrels, are designed to help foreign tourists who are worried about their travel to Israel.

“The virtual visa is not only a physical card that can be used at the border,” the company’s website states, “but it is also an instrument for crossing the Israeli-Palestinian border.

It’s a piece of hardware, like a passport or a visa, that can serve as a valid proof of identity for entry and exit to Israel.”

The Israeli government has said the virtual visa has helped more than half a million people since its launch on January 18, and the country has already received more than 1,200 applications for the cards.

Israel’s Ministry of Interior, which oversees the country’s border with Jordan, said the cards are not meant for tourism but for “security reasons.”

“There is no way that a person would carry a tourist card at the moment, especially with the current situation in the region,” the ministry said in a statement.

“They would not be allowed to enter Israel or stay in the occupied territories.”

The government has been urging tourists to carry the cards at all times, and has even created a virtual website to help those who are struggling to obtain the cards through their embassies.

“We want you to carry your tourist card, but this is not for all visitors,” the website says.

“This card is for those who have come to visit us, and we are working on the cards for those in need.

We are asking all visitors to carry one card at all time.”

The ministry said that the cards will not be issued to Palestinians living in the West Bank or Gaza, and that they will only be issued in the territories that are part of Israel.

Israelis who want to apply for a new visa should send a letter to the ministry and attach a photocopy of their passport.

They can also bring a passport and a copy of their health certificate to the border crossing.

The government has also created a new website to assist foreigners who are trying to obtain a temporary visa or a visitor’s visa, and is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to the capture of a person who attempts to smuggle the cards into Israel.

The Israeli army is also rolling out an improved digital card that will allow tourists to use the new cards at the checkpoints at the West Jerusalem crossing between the West and East Jerusalem.

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