A bipartisan group of senators wants the Federal Aviation Administration to provide the U.A.E. with up to $1.8 billion in waivers to help the airline avoid more cancellations, the Washington Post reported Friday.

The money is the latest in a string of announcements by the Trump administration aimed at pressuring airlines to speed up their flights in China.

The waivers, the Post said, would also help airlines avoid a government ban on the use of certain domestic flights that were imposed by President Donald Trump in December to pressure airlines to move their flights to cheaper destinations.

The waiver request would be in addition to an additional $600 million the administration announced last week to reimburse airlines for delays caused by the Chinese ban, the newspaper said.

“We are asking the administration to give us a little more flexibility, but we’re still not getting what we want,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said in a statement.

Warren, a critic of the Trump presidency, is leading a Senate effort to pass a new health care bill this year that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The Trump administration has threatened to impose a 90-day ban on U.T.O. flights and has imposed travel restrictions for many international flights from China.

Last month, the airline announced it would stop flying to Beijing, the capital of China.

That came after Trump threatened to cut off the U,T.o. flights to some of the world’s most sensitive sites, including the U of A, which holds an international peacekeeping base in Vietnam.

Trump has said he would cancel the U-T.

Os flights, but not until the agency approves the new regulations.

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