Posted Thursday, May 03, 2018 17:28:16Aussie drivers need to apply online or in person, or go to a customs office in New Zealand to apply on their F1 visas.

The Kiwis have been waiting for a few years for a system to come in place so that they can apply online.

They say the F1 Visa system is still a work in progress and the system is more complex than it should be.

“We’re in the process of trying to get it down to a system that’s efficient, has the least amount of complexity for all involved,” Kiwis minister for immigration, Chris Hipkins, said.

“And I think that we’re on track for the end of that process.”

The government wants to simplify the application process by allowing Kiwis to apply by phone, using their existing Kiwi Passport and email accounts, and then submit a paper application.

This will be similar to how other visa cards work, but with a simplified format and no phone call required.

“This is really, really important for the Kiwis,” Mr Hipkins said.

The government will not be issuing new Kiwis visas, but will be updating the existing ones.

Mr Hipkins says the government is confident the system will be ready for the 2020 New Zealand season.

“If it’s not, we will be doing things differently,” he said.

But some drivers in New South Wales are upset about the delays and believe they will have to wait until the middle of the year to apply.

“The only way I can get the car to New Zealand is to pay someone else to get the ticket and then pay the driver,” one driver, who did not want to be named, told

“It’s not a good system.

It’s not fair.”

Kiwi Passports are not compulsory, but drivers must use the same driver’s licence as the driver’s visa card to get a driver’s permit.

Drivers will need to pay for their own driving licence to get an F1 Passport, and that licence will only be valid for six months.

“You can’t just buy a driver license from the local DMV and then drive your car through New Zealand,” Mr Hemmings said.

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