By Tom PhillipsThe Australian government is offering tourists a cheaper visa option than that of Americans, and some are saying it could be the difference between the US and Australia.

Key points:Australian passports are not as secure as US passports, but Australians can travel to the US without any restrictionsThe visa offer comes after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order requiring US citizens to visit Australia on a tourist visaAny Australians travelling to the United States without a tourist permit will be required to obtain a US visa on arrivalThere’s a chance that if you apply to travel to Australia from the US, you could be subject to a US tourist visa as soon as next weekThe Government is offering Australians a cheaper, more secure visa option, with a five-year visa period.

It’s not a new policy for the Australian government, and the government has been running a similar program for people who want to travel between Australia and the US.

But the government says it’s now introducing the offer in a new way, with the aim of increasing the number of Australians who can visit the US from overseas.

Key Points:The visa program has come under scrutiny after Trump signed a Presidential Executive Order requiring Americans to visit the country on a visitor visaThe visa will cost about $200 more than the standard US visa, but will allow Australians to travel without a US visitor visaAs well as the visa offer, the government is also encouraging people to apply for an Australian passport that is also issued by the US Department of Homeland Security.

There’s an option for anyone who wants to travel on a US passport, but the Government says it only wants people who have obtained a US Visitor Visa, which is a one-year tourist visa, to apply.

“For Australians travelling on a Visitor Visitor visa, they will be issued with a valid US visa in their passport,” the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said.

“We recognise that Australians are a very diverse nation and we want to ensure we have a level playing field for everyone.”

Visitors are the largest group of visitors in the country and are a critical source of revenue for the Government.

“In a statement, Mr Morrison said:”Visitor visas are not secure as the US passport.

However, they can allow you to travel safely between the two countries.

“It’s a great way to travel and a great benefit for Australians to visit and experience the US.”

Australia has a very generous tourism visa program that allows travellers from anywhere in the world to visit in Australia without a travel permit.

Under the program, people can travel from New Zealand, the Philippines, the US state of Hawaii and other destinations in the US with no specific visas needed.

It is similar to the visa program offered by the UK, but only for people from the European Union.

Australian passports that are issued by a US government agency are not recognised by the Government of Australia, so it is not possible to apply to the Government for a new Australian passport.

“The only way you can apply for a visa is by obtaining a US Visa, or by obtaining one of our Visa Processing Centers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland or France,” Mr Morrison explained.

“A Visitor Non-Visa (VNV) is a passport that does not require a visa to enter the US but allows you to enter on a non-visitor-visited basis.”

However, the Government is not restricting travel to people from Australia on any of the other visas.

“As the US government’s Visa Processing Center is located in the UK and Ireland, Australians are not affected by this restriction,” Mr Moore said.

Mr Morrison said that the Australian Government would work with the US Consulate to make sure all Australians travelling between Australia, the United State and the United Nations were treated equally.

“Australia has strong and enduring bilateral relationships with both countries, so this program will provide an opportunity for Australians from both countries to visit, and we are looking forward to working with both governments to ensure that all Australians are treated equally,” he said.ABC/wiresTopics:immigration,government-and-politics,tourism,travel-and://travel-facilities,travel,travelers,americas,arabiaFirst posted March 23, 2019 14:16:26

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