The new Citicank visa is scheduled to be fully implemented on April 20, the same day the US Treasury Department announced the change in visa rules.

The new visa allows for a person to stay in the US and access the banking system while in transit for up to 90 days.

While the new visa will allow the US to open new banks, it will also allow people to travel to other countries and bring back home any cash they have withdrawn from overseas.

Citic, one of the world’s largest bank, is expected to issue a statement after the new Visa takes effect on April 21.

“Citibank remains committed to making this a one-stop shopping experience for our customers worldwide, and we look forward to welcoming our customers back to our U.S. operations for a few weeks,” Citibanks chief financial officer Steve Schoenfeld said in a statement.

Citibans statement does not mention whether it will waive the 90-day visa requirement for those who are already in the country and need to get their Visa stamped.

A Citibanking spokesperson declined to comment.

Citigroup is the world leader in the financial services industry.

Citity, a subsidiary of Citigroup Inc., is the largest U.N. bank.

Cititex, which owns Citiban, was recently sold to a U.K. firm.

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