How to apply for a visa to visit Shinglex Sri Lanka.1.

Find out if you are eligible for the visaYou are not eligible for a Visa if: you are a British citizen, have a permanent address outside the UK and are at least 18 years old; you are aged less than 65; you do not have a passport or you have been issued a visa; you have no visa or UK passport; you live in India, Bangladesh or Pakistan and have no UK passport or visa; and you are travelling to Sri Lanka on a visa for a limited period of time.

If you are under age 18, you are not a British subject and do not qualify for the Visa if you have a valid birth certificate or passport.2.

Make sure you have the correct documentsYou must have the right to enter the country if you: are under 18 years of age; do not possess a passport and have a UK visa; are at a designated tourist destination; are visiting a country that is not a Commonwealth country and do so for a reasonable period of stay; and are travelling for the purposes of a business or research trip.3.

Make an appointmentIf you plan to visit the country, the visa application process should be done in advance.

You can make a visa appointment with the immigration department, but it is unlikely to be an easy process.

Make your appointment at least 15 days before your visit to allow time for visa approval.

The visa application will include a fee and you will be issued with a visa if approved.

Make note of this fee.

The cost will be charged to your bank account.4.

Submit your applicationYou will need to send your visa application and supporting documentation to the immigration office.

There is no charge for this.

You will also need to submit a passport, if you do the visa online.5.

Receive the visaYour visa will be processed within one to two business days.

If you do a visa application online, your visa will arrive within six weeks.

You may be charged a late fee if you miss the deadline.

The visa can be extended up to 24 months.

The extension is valid for a maximum of five years.

If your visa is extended, it can be cancelled within four weeks.

If there are any problems with your visa, you may be required to complete an application form to request an extension.6.

Check your visa detailsYou must provide the following details to the visa office: name, address, passport number, birth date, and the visa number.

The date and time of the visa appointment should be sent to you.

You should also fill out the required forms.

The details will be sent by post or courier.7.

Apply for your visaThe visa application form will ask for your name, the date and the reason for your visit.

You are also asked to include the address of your place of work and your email address.

If your email is not included, you will need it to check the status of your visa.

The application will also ask you if you intend to apply at the time you arrive.

The person applying will also be required by the visa to verify the information you provided in the visa form.

If the visa is granted, you can visit the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate in the country.

You will receive a visa package in the mail.

If it is returned, you must apply for the extension within five working days.

If any problems arise, you should contact the immigration service directly.8.

Visit the Sri Lanka Embassy or consulate in the UKTo visit the UK, you need to make a travel appointment with your nearest British Embassy or Foreign Office and apply for an extension of your visit within three weeks of your arrival.

This can be done by post.

The letter of invitation must be signed by the British Consul General in the foreign country and include the following information: name and address of the British embassy or consulate, telephone number, the letter of visit and the date of arrival, which must be sent directly to the embassy or consulate.

The extension must be approved within 15 working days of the letter from the British Embassy.9.

Return to the UKOnce you have made your appointment, you have to return to the Embassy or British Consulate to apply to extend your stay in the British Isles.

This is called an “in-person” visit.

The letter of the invitation will tell you where you can go and how long you can stay.

If the visa has not been approved by the Embassy, you might be required either to travel by air or land by train.

You must be able to walk the 4.5km distance from the UK to the nearest Sri Lankans embassy or British consulate to apply.

You can also visit the British consulate in ShingLex.

You have to complete a visa and travel form.

You have to pay a fee of £150 ($300).

If your visa has been extended, you do

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