Posted November 08, 2018 04:06:18The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a new online portal that will allow citizens of the United Kingdom and Australia to apply to enter the United State for a work visa.

The DHS said that since the US-UK visa lottery opened in November 2017, the number of people who applied has risen from around 8,000 per month to more than 20,000.

The application process will be much more streamlined, the department said, adding that applications are now being processed at the same time each month.

However, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has said that a majority of applicants have had their applications rejected.

In a statement to ABC News, USCIS said that only around 25% of applications for a US work visa are processed every month.

“While these figures are encouraging, they are still well below the average of around 50%,” USCIS spokesperson Elizabeth McBride said.

The agency said that it is not yet clear why USCIS has not processed more applications for work visas for Australians and British people.

The USCIS website has been updated to provide a clearer picture of how the process works and why the agency is rejecting applications.

“We are still trying to understand why certain people are not getting the opportunity to apply,” USCIRS spokesperson Laura Foy told ABC News.

“I think that is something that needs to be clarified.”

While the US Department has released guidelines to ensure that visa applications are processed more quickly, there are still some hurdles for US citizens seeking to enter Australia.

“It is important to understand that while you can apply online, you need to bring your documents to the Australian consulate or embassy,” USCES spokesperson Elizabeth McGhee said.

“In addition, if you need assistance in obtaining a visa, please contact the Consular Service of Australia’s Australian Embassy or Consular Affairs office.”

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