A new series on the popular online retailer will be available on YouTube for one month from March 28 to April 10.

Costco has been making a point to make clear that the company will not be turning away customers, and that they are committed to the long-term success of the community.

The videos will be part of an initiative that Costco hopes will draw customers back into its communities.

The videos will focus on Costco employees and how they help people get their visas.

CostaCo said in a statement on Wednesday that the videos will include information on a range of immigration issues, including the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and visa applications.

The company also said the videos would not feature “sensational” content.

“It is important for us to convey the importance of working together with our customers to make this a successful year for our employees, our associates and our communities,” said Jeffery B. Stoll, Costco senior vice president of corporate communications.

“We know we have a long way to go to get people to stay here, but we are committed and focused on getting this right.”

The company has also said it will add more employees to help staff meet the demand for its product.

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