Scandal, chaos, and confusion have enveloped President Trump’s executive order to open the Schengens Visa Program. 

The president’s order was widely criticized for its blatant lack of vetting of applicants for visas.

It was not until this past Friday that Trump made his final push to implement the plan.

While there is no official estimate on how many people will apply for visas, a recent report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) estimated that there are between 3 million and 6 million applicants.

And if the administration’s estimate of 3 million is correct, the program has already been used by 1.5 million immigrants since January 1, 2017.

Trump’s use of the program in the first 24 hours of his presidency has been highly irregular.

As of Thursday afternoon, the president had already issued over 20,000 travel and refugee permits.

The CRS report found that the vast majority of applicants were non-citizens from outside of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and the vast bulk were from countries that had never been designated as a Schengener visa.

The Trump administration has said that its order was meant to protect Americans from terrorist attacks and threats.

But in a stunning display of executive overreach, Trump’s order also allows non-EU nationals to stay in the United States and work without having to obtain a visa.

These visas are currently reserved for high-level officials and foreign dignitaries.

This is an open secret that the Obama Administration was planning to use the Visa Waiver Program as a Trojan Horse to make it easier for Muslims to enter the U.S. That plan has fallen apart in the face of mounting criticism from Muslim advocacy groups, immigration experts, and academics.

An attorney for one of the groups that filed a lawsuit on behalf of the families of the fallen said, “If they are going to open up the visa program, it should be for everyone who wants to come here.

If the government wants to take care of people, they should take care for them. “

It’s a travesty that they are allowing families who came here legally to remain in the U: They are essentially being allowed to go back and forth between the U and their home countries, where they have no connection to this country.

If the government wants to take care of people, they should take care for them.

I can’t imagine a better example of how they’re not taking care of this country than to open this backdoor.

When it comes to immigration reform, there is a great deal of confusion among Democrats, and there are a lot of people who feel like they’re in a Catch-22.

But if you’re going to use an executive order that opens up the Scheggen visa program to people from other countries, it’s going to be a mess for the next couple of years.

Even after the CRS released its report, Trump said he would not allow any of the visas to be granted to those from countries with significant anti-immigrant sentiment, as he has been accused of doing.

He did not address the issue of refugees during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Trump has called for an end to the ban on Syrian refugees, but the administration has not announced whether he will end the ban for those fleeing Syria.

He also did not directly address the refugee issue during his press conference.

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